Mentorship Series – Upcoming Schedule

The schedule is still evolving. Future topics will be decided upon by the Dreamweaver meetup community.

Supportive Information

Want a little more information on the concepts of graphic design or performing basic tasks in Dreamweaver? Then check out these resources.

Schedule of Topics

Topic Description Blog Post Date Meetup Discuss Date
Foundations of Web Design Will cover all the basics, for those just starting (maybe even a refresher for established designers). There’ll also be a focus on print vs. web. Dec. 2008 Jan. 13, 2009
Web Design Workflow: From Initiation to Final Design We’ll take a look at planning a website; the goals for the website, the owning business or organization and the audience for the site. We’ll also look at competitive analysis. We’ll then look at creating personas to develop a better understanding on the site’s audience, wireframes to organize the page-level content, then creating the actual design in a graphic tool like Photoshop. Lastly, we’ll look at building, testing, then finally launching a site. Jan. 2009 Feb. 10, 2009
Tableless Page Layout We’ll take a look at the various type of CSS tableless layouts; fixed, fluid, elastic, and hybrids, along the the pros & cons for each. Feb. 2009 Mar. 9, 2009
Information Architecture We’ll look at how to organize the content of a site, including the various methods for determining that organization. Mar. 2009 Apr. 14, 2009
In June, we’ll have a regular Meetup Session on CMS’s.
Web Graphics May. 2009 Jun. 9, 2009

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