About this website

This site’s purpose is to support the members of the Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup (below) by offering a central location for information and knowledge sharing. It is also the home of the group’s mentorship series, which will be posted on a regular basis. All are welcome to participate, become engaged, and share.

About the Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup

The Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup is an eclective group of designers, developers and programmers, all using Dreamweaver in some capacity. Though we focus on development of Dreamweaver skills, we discuss and present on issues relating to web design/development in its broadest sense.

Anyone is welcome to join the meetup. If you are a novice user, I encourage you to “absorb” the language of web design and development and ask other members about good learning/training opportunities. If you are an expert, offer your expertise as a presenter. We welcome the chance to learn more about rapidly changing technology.

We’d like to assist Dreamweaver users in creating robust websites. Come and learn more! Visit the Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup website.


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