Dreamweaver Training

The following members of the Chicago Dreamweaver Meetup Group have offered their services to others seeking individual or small group tutoring. Feel free to contact any one of them for a consultation. (Members who wish to be included in this list should contact steve@stephenbstarrdesign.com).

Becky Davis
Specialties: HTML, CSS, working with image files, and some basic PHP.
Rate: $30 for Members of the Dreamweaver Meetup, $45 for non-members. 1 hour minimum, 15 min. increments after that. If I can’t help in the first 15 min, no charge. Travel time is the same rate, I’m in Lincoln Square area on the north side. If you download the free version of LogMeIn (logmein.com) and let me know the login, then I can see your screen, take over the mouse if needed and training can be done over the phone.

Dennis Deacon
Specialties: HTML, CSS, tableless standards-based design, Dreamweaver, SEO
Can do one-on-one training and training sessions for 3-5 people. Standard rate: $40 an hour.

Linda Ryder
Ryder Web Design
Specialties: HTML Coding, CSS Styles, Dreamweaver
Rate: $40.00 an hour. Available for on-site and phone consultation.

Stephen B. Starr
Stephen B. Starr Design, Inc.
Specialties: “Dreamweaver 101,” html, CSS, image production
Rate: $42.50 an hour. Call for on-site appointment or phone consultation.

Nicold Pittman
Specialties: troubleshoot general HTML and CSS issues, cross browser platform issues, and validation problems
Rate: $30 an hour. Also available for phone consultation.

Patrick Elward
Specialties: Dreamweaver for site management
Rate: $75 an hour, $50 an hour for Dreamweaver Meetup members

David Borde
Specialties: Dreamweaver, CSS and xhtml table-less layout, web standards based design.
Rate: $75 an hour

Gita Vyas
Specialties: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, CMS, Image helpRate: $40.00 per hour. Call for on-site appointment or phone consultation.

John A. Mahady
Andrew Information Services
Specialties: Dreamweaver, MySql, Php, CSS, PhotoShop. 15+  years experience in database driven business applications.
1-on-1 mentor: $280/day. Tutor in dynamic database driven content for graphic-oriented developers.
I will patiently and thoroughly setup your computer for Apache-PHP-MySql, and create a website with you in Dreamweaver that will access content/data in the free open-source database MySql.
One day Seminar: Rate: $200/day for 3 students minimum. Location flexible.
Call me to discuss a customized program for you or your group.

Jeff McNear
Specialties:  HTML, CSS, , Standards Compliant Design, Site Forensics, Vector Graphics, Image Optimization, Content Optimization Joomla, PHP-Fusion, WordPress, ZenCart. If you have a quick question, I’m happy to field it by phone or e-mail. If you want more formal training contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.


2 responses to “Dreamweaver Training

  1. Dreamweaver for Site Management
    Rate: $75.00 an hour, $50 an hour for dreamweaver meetup members.

    Adobe Certified Dreamweaver Developer.

  2. Dreamweaver, CSS and XHTML table-less
    web-standards based design.
    Rate: $75/hr

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